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Spartan Performance Sports Nutrition

Plain and simple - athletic performance and recovery are enhanced by optimal nutrition. Too often, hard work and training are not optimized because of poor nutrition! Our staff will emphasize several nutrition concepts during every training session. These include: nutrition basics - the 101s, timing of intake - when to eat before and after training and games, healthy snacks, recovery nutrition, hydration, supplements, and more. Sports Nutrition 101 handout

We are proud to have 3 Sports Registered Dietitians (RDs)  that also have degrees in exercise physiology. We also offer individual consults, team and club education for the mid-Michigan community!  The overall goal of Spartan Performance is to improve performance and health. Improving performance and overall health requires discipline with training and the foods you put on your plate. To excel it is essential that you properly fuel your mind and body. This will not happen with a magical powder or pill, but rather with a consistent balanced approach including the food quality and amounts, and the timing of your intake. Properly fueling the body helps the Spartans perform optimally and feel their best.

Quick Nutrition with Max Bullough and Nick Hill, MSU Football


Sports Nutrition for mid-Michigan Athletes

Yes, we are the official sports nutrition provider for the Spartans and NOW YOU! Do you fuel your body like an elite athlete? Spartan Performance RDs will have you primed and ready to perform by making sure you or your team are putting the right foods in your body, in the right amounts, and at the right times to perform at your absolute best! Our tailored information is best on evidence-based nutrition recommendations and you will receive the same care and services that are given to MSU athletes.

Sport Nutrition Services
Call for pricing 517.884.6133

Group and team presentations

  • Spartan Basic Training (1 meeting) - includes Nutrition 101 and Q&A session + 1 handout
  • Spartan Warrior package (3 meetings) - includes Nutrition 101 + Tailored sports nutrition for your team and players + Reinforcement meeting later in season + Team Facebook page for team Q&A + 3 handouts. MOST EFFECTIVE PLAN!
  • Call for pricing 517.884.6133. Varies depending on number of athletes.

Individual consults

  • Individual consults provide one-on-one discussion and teaching with the athlete. Whether it be gaining lean muscle mass, losing weight, or eating for optimizing training and performance, our sport RDs will evaluate and guide you on how to eat properly to meet your body composition and performance goals. We can also help you with the following:
  • Travel nutrition guidelines
  • Game day meal plans
  • Nutrient analysis
  • Grocery store tours
  • Individual consults - $125 for initial assessment and consultation; $60 follow-up visit. Prices effective as of May 10, 2016